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Ground Operations Services

  1.  Flight plan submission to the responsible authorities for approval.
  2. Load Sheet .
  3.  Trim Sheet  .
  4. Baggage distribution through the aircraft hold.
  5. Movement Report .
  6. Daily Flight Report.
  7. Daily Movement reports.
  8. Landing and take off permissions.
  9. Contributing to the safety and security of the passenger and airport.

Ramp Services

  1. Aircraft Reception.
  2. Wheel Shocks placement.  
  3.  Aircraft red cones placement.
  4. Aircraft stairway.
  5. Cleaning services.
  6. Fuel order service .
  7. Catering service.
  8. Water Service 
  9. Toilet Service
  10. Providing extra equipment’s in case of order.
  11. .P.U – A.S.U – A.C.U – AMB Lift – Push Back 
  12. Crew transportation services.
  13. Moving baggage from and to airplane .
  14. Baggage reconciliation service.
  15. Passenger transportation service. 
  16. Contributing to the safety and security of the passengers and airport.

Passenger Services

  1. Passenger acceptance and boarding pass services.
  2. Baggage weight calculation.
  3. Ensuring of passing the baggage through the X-ray scanners.
  4. Passengers direction to the departure terminals.
  5. accompanying Passengers from and to airplane.
  6. Assisting passengers with special needs from arrival to airport to departure.
  7. dealing with Cargo in the airplane.
  8. Lost and found service.
  9. directing passengers into the x-ray scanners.
  10. Contributing to the safety and security of the passengers and airport.

Why you should trust us?

  • Significant record of accomplishments and non-delays in flights ,staff trained to the highest standers of quality and safety.
  • Integrated services, starts when the traveller enters the airport until he sets in the aircraft.
Push Back equipment
Transportation in airport

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about us


Al-JESER Company for Ground Handling and Aviation Services Company was established in 2013 according to Law (23) for the year 2010, with a capital of 15,000,000.00 dinars. It is a private company and its head office in Tripoli – Libya ,it has an administrative branch in Benghazi.

We operate according to the quality and safety standards stipulated in the Ground Operations Manual (GOM) approved by the Civil Aviation Authority as well as the ground handling manual issued For the IATA (AHM).

 To implement these obligations, our company has the following capabilities:

* Sufficient and necessary equipment and machinery to provide ground handling services for your aircraft.

* Our company has the best technical and administrative expertise currently in Libya in this field.

Quality, safety and good treatment of customers and discipline are priorities of our company.

* We commit to training programs for all disciplines stipulated.

* We rely on our work on modern technologies in this field.

* We have fixed and manual communication devices to communicate between various departments and divisions with employees within the airport yards.

* We have administrative headquarters and technical workshops equipped with all airports in it.

* We have warehouses outside the airports that contain a reserve of equipment and spare parts to carry out our tasks and adhere to the implementation of contracts with airlines.

A valid insurance policy.

* Obtaining all licenses required to implement the ground handling services activity in airports, all of which are valid.









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hala airlines


Yes, the company provides all services to its customers, whether on its scheduled or non-scheduled flights.

The company has a great geographical spread inside the airports of Libya, as it has at every airport trained teams and ready equipment to provide the service at any time.

The company is always keen to follow all international safety and security standards and follow up on them by specialists and auditors permanently.

Yes, our team have been trained in courses that enable them to handle hazardous materials safely.

The company provides all services for special cases such as wheelchairs where they are received at the airport door and stay with them and provide service to them until they sit on the plane seat.

contact us

Head office

Tripoli – A-Shat road -near of ministry of tourism

From Sunday to Thursday 

8:30 – 3:30 



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